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Into the meadows

An Education resource packed full of fantastic information, activities and games that aim to celebrate and explain to children the importance of hay meadows from both an agricultural and environmental perspective. The pack provides teacher's notes, background information, activities, resources and useful contacts and links.The pack has been produced by the Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust (or YDMT for short). YDMT has been involving different audiences with the Dales meadows for several years through events, activities, publications, and by working with schools. The pack has been written by Tanya St. Pierre (Into the Meadows Education Officer) and Don Gamble (Hay Time Project Manager). The pack supports the delivery of the National Curriculum at Key Stage 1 and 2. The activities are designed to inspire and appeal to children (and adults!) and make learning and exploration fun as well as educational. Many of the activities encourage team working and collaborative learning, enabling children to work together and to problem solve, which helps to build confidence, self-esteem, responsibility and independence. They also encourage creativity and some involve physical exercise. Activities can be adapted to accommodate children's ages, learning styles,experience, levels of achievement and differing needs.