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"Gardening for bumblebees: top tips for the North Pennines"

Colourful leaflet listing the best plants for pollinators which will grow in the North Pennines

"Say no to the mow ??" a mini-meadow in your garden

Webpage descibing how to maintain a mini meadow in the garden

Create a wildflower lawn or meadow - Meadow Links Fact Sheet

A Guide to creating and managing a mini-meadow. Also a list of Hay Meadow plant species.

Creating a wildflower lawn or meadow

Guidance notes on creating a wildflower meadow in your garden. How to plan, prepare the ground, sow seeds and manage your wildflower meadow.

Creating an upland hay meadow or wildflower plot

A short information leaflet to support those interested in creating an upland hay meadow or wildflower plot

How to create a mini-meadow in your garden, school field or a raised bed

Simple instructions for creating and managing a mini meadow

How to create and manage mini-meadows and nectar patches

Short guidance document covering the basics on creating a small meadow and listing links to relevant web pages

How to grow nectar flower mixtures (TIN094)

Advice on sowing wildflower seed

How to grow wild flowers

Webpage with detailed advice on how to collect and sow wildflower seed including where to source the seed; planting and propogation; links to creating a wildflower patch or meadow advice pages

Networks 4 Nectar - project report 2014 - 2016

Project report for N4N. Covers methodologies used; sites included in the project; case studies x4; public participation in the project.

Wild plants and your village green

Simplistict step-by-step guidance leaflet on restoring wildflower grassland on a village green, including ground preparation and seed sowing.

Wildflowers that tolerate slightly more fertile grassland

Advice notes on selecting wild flower species for sites with higher nutrient levels, and differing moisture levels